Thursday, September 29, 2011


The Washington Post -- pthththht. Kessler hates the chart that would dare show that Obama didn't somehow magically increase the debt the way the right wing likes to pretend he did.

"But the biggest problem is that this is just dumb math. What really counts is not the raw debt numbers, but the size of the debt as a percentage of the gross domestic product."

Really? Dumb math? Maybe you could argue that's a methodological error. But the bad math accusation doesn't really hold water here. (There apparently had been a math error but Nancy Pelosi's office corrected it and that's reflected in the chart above.) The math is perfectly fine.

What they would like to see is a chart which shows debt as a percentage of GDP. Which, by wacky coincidence, makes Obama look bad (although it arguably makes Republicans look worse).
But the claims that Pelosi is somehow "cherry - picking" her data by insisting the data be cherry-picked even more is absurd. Yeah, if we put enough disclaimers on our charts (that it's "public" debt vs. gross debt) or add enough figures (debt as a portion of blonde-haired-children GDP) then I'm sure we can find numbers that will please the Tea Party.
But the fact is that the chart isn't bogus. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bore Me

I don't like my government to be exciting. I like it to be bland and boring. That's why I like Barack Obama as a President. In campaigns he's good at being fiery. But when he's actually governing he's staid, mature, and thoughtful.

Friday, September 9, 2011

You Know What?

I don't feel like reflecting on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. Why should those ass monkeys who killed thousands of people be able to tell me what to do with my Septembers from now on? Those douche canoes don't deserve the time of day, much less a week of hand wringing remembrance.
The people who were killed? Well the way I was brought up I believe that they don't care. They've moved on to a better place.
The people who loved those who were lost? Actually, those people can and should do whatever they want. Grief is a complicated thing.
I just don't want the media shoving it down my throat for the next few days.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm sorry

Do you still doubt my contention that 911 wouldn't have happened if Al Gore had become President?
This bunny is as surprised as you are.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sarah Palin is a communist

OK, so it's kinda obvious that if Sarah Palin were running in a different universe, in a different country at a different time she'd be going on and on about how perfectly socialist her state of Alaska, where they share the oil wealth among the people. Oh wait, she already does that.
Yeah, sometimes she really sounds like a fellow traveler.

Like here when she was in Iowa she would like 2012 candidates to fight "croney capitalism."
Are we suddenly Union guys back in a company town? In 1911?
She sounds like Eugene Debs for crying out loud.
Of course, to be fair, she did follow that up with a screed about lowering corporate income taxes. But to me she sounds like someone who in a different place and time would be the great SP party member...
Then the right wing would make fun of her kids' names.