Saturday, September 14, 2013

Obama, Right Again

So, it's kind of strange to have a President with whom I can't even say "I agree with him on these issues and disagree on those issues" because he seems to be right almost 100% of the time.
Indeed I can only think of one thing where I disagreed with Obama and it still seems that I'm right, and that's the issue of banning "assault weapons".* And Obama seems to have dropped it.
Smartypants on Syria:
In a resolution to the issue of WMD, this new approach demonstrates how wrong the neocons have been that we have to invade other countries to engage productively. It also proves the President's cynical critics on the left wrong in suggesting that he is just another tool of the neocons. In the end, it is the blindness of those on the right who call this President "weak" and those on the left who suggest that he's just another "warmonger" that has been revealed.
Look, when the dude starts to be consistently wrong about something, I'll be more than happy to hit you up. But until then we can use the simple heuristic rule that if you disagree with Obama, you're wrong.

*Long version short: "assault weapons" although used in a few high-profile mass shootings, actually account for a miniscule number of deaths in the US. Now a ban on handguns... [Ha! Nobody in politics will seriously oppose handguns.]