Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book 'Em

Look. As a white, middle-class guy in America I'm pretty much at the higest bar of someone you can offend. I mean, if you've managed to offend me then it's pretty bad.
And Lonegan has managed to do exactly that.
I mean seriously. Are your tops aids attacking Cory Booker because he might be gay? Are you in the sixth grade? Do you want me to select my Senator based on what are essentially YouTube comments?
Am I supposed to be so stupid, obnoxious, and ignorant, that I would vote against Cory Booker because he wasn't a 100% sleeze bag to a woman in Oregon? I mean, is that really the demographic you're going for?

Because I'm not in that demo.
I mean look. Maybe I'm not perfect. Maybe I exude subtle bias all the time. Maybe I let my latent prejudices influence my decisions. But let's get one thing absolutely clear here: I'm not going to vote for your candidate because you think the other guy is "gay".
In fact, I'd go so far as to just say that I'm going to vote for Booker for one main reason:
1. He steadfastly refuses to say whether he's gay or straight.
As a firm supporter of gay rights he's gone and taken the stand that it's none of your damn business* whether he's gay or straight. And it's not. So hurrah for him and phthth to you.

*My words, not his.