Sunday, November 25, 2012

War on Men

There's a War on Men don'tcha know? Of course, it requires that you believe Pew Research polls.
I was going to write a Communist Manifesto-style parody, something on the order of "There is a spectre haunting men and it is the spectre of feminism" but honestly the whole thing is just so dumb that I can't even put braintime to it.
Texas likes to brag that its economy is larger than Australia's. We that's not true according to the CIA at least.
It's amusing to me that New York and New Jersey (combined) easily smoke Texas' GDP. And, of course, California gives Texas a great thrubbing.
I can and will republish Danny Thomson's brilliant art as often as I can.
I think it's funny that Texas thinks they'd get a free trade agreement with the US if they seceded. What's more likely is that they'd be treated like a banana republic. The US and Mexico would alternately take turns devaluing Texas currency just for our amusement. Maybe Texas could trade with Cuba? If Austin remains with the US, would we have to airlift in supplies?

Friday, November 16, 2012


OK. So. Hostess is filing Chapter 11 because their employees struck when the company demanded givebacks on wages.
And the big joke is that "Oh noes! No more Twinkies! Ermahgerd!"

Nope. Not buying it.

So, you're filing Chapter 11. Liquidation. On a brand-name product. The question here is: who is going to buy the assets? And once they buy them, what are they going to do with them? Re-negotiate with the same unions?

Of course there is something approaching zero actual reporting on this beyond the silly "Our childhoods are over!" snarkiness.

And you wonder why I post pictures of owls...

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Isn't it just a tad embarrassing that the most organized and active people out there helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy are OccupySandy?
 I mean, it's not embarrassing for the Occupy folks -- it's embarrassing that the state doesn't have the capability -- or desire -- to get in there and do the work.
Of course, anarchists around the world will all say "Right, exactly" in unison.