Thursday, February 6, 2014


Okay. So this editorial/article, claiming to know what's wrong with the American left is, in fact, everything that's wrong with the American left all by itself.

Nadya and Masha are what Occupy needed: charismatic personalities with identifiable faces. 

OMG that is so not true. Are you just not paying attention? The whole point of modern American activism is that there are no "leaders". The irony is that Pussy Riot are ideologically more "anarchist" than many American activists yet (actually, this is even addressed by the actual collective Pussy Riot) having personality cults of pretty girls is exactly not the point.

Charismatic personalities with identifiable faces is a great way to get a mass of people to mindlessly do some stupid stuff. It's the very definition of Fascism. We do not need more personalities to slavishly follow. We need to do some thinking instead.

Madonna was wearing what New York rapper and fashion plate A$AP Rocky wore two years ago; Masha was wearing the sort of outfit you might see him in tomorrow night.

Seriously? We're talking about what they're wearing? And then saying this is what's missing from American activism?


Just no.