Friday, April 5, 2013


I really like the Smartypants blog.  It's a good antidote to the whiny liberal left in America.

"For years now we've been hearing about how President Obama hasn't done enough to combat poverty. And yet here we have him proposing what might be one of the most effective anti-poverty initiatives in decades, and its being met with near total silence on the left."
The things which drives me nuts are the constant false-equivalents arguments. Remember how Bill Clinton was "just as bad" as the Republicans because of that milk-factory bombing? Yeah, then we got GW Bush and saw how bad things could really be. But those mistakes are all forgotten by now.
"Perhaps it has to do with some liberal's addiction to howling about the negative rather than pushing for the positive."

Monday, April 1, 2013

Because I find guns amusing

In the long run the NRA is simply the worst thing for gun owners ever. By taking as absurd an absolutist stance on every gun issue it becomes impossible to have a reasonable national conversation about weapons.
The result of this is that the anti-gun-crowd are constantly accused by the far out gun nuts of deliberately misunderstanding everything, while the nuts are out there in Statehouses heckling — freakin' heckling — parents who lost children at Newton.
So even where the bulk of gun-owners and non-owners agree (like on universal background checks) we still have to yell back and forth. This makes the anti-gun-crowd presume that the gun nuts will just say anything ("more guns in elementary schools!") and we can't come to a reasonable accomodation.

So even when we're talking about straight-up facts (assault weapons kill fewer people than hammers) it just sounds like a continuation of the gun nuts' crazytalk. So nobody will bother to listen.
And hey, when Biden tells people that the shotgun is the better home defense weapon and all the pro-gun people go nuts about it — the fact is that if some cop or former Navy Seal said the same thing you'd be all like "right, a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun is the way to go for home defense." But because Biden says it he must somehow inherently be wrong tactically.
Me? I want a State (state?) to say "Look, you need this kind of background check to purchase or transport this kind of weapon. These are the very specific and clear rules about how to transport said weapon(s). Here are the clear rules about how they must be stored and secured. We'll take your fingerprints and you'll sign here."
Then I know my Daewoo K11 is safe -- safe from the Law, safe from misuse, safe from some dang kid shooting himself with it.
Please, quit the noise and everybody get behind the common-sense notions that we all agree with anyway.
And please, for the love of all that's holy, let the CDC continue to research murder and violence.