Friday, June 8, 2012


So. Education.
You can't talk about teaching without instantly being subjected to a political firestorm.
Which is disappointing because I want to know about the science of pedagogy. As it turns out, good luck with Google on that search.
From what I can tell, nobody really knows. They know some things but...
1. Well first of all, nobody can really agree on what needs to be learnt in public education in the US. And
2. As it turns out public education is really freakin' expensive. We spend a lot of money on it. And almost all that money comes from local (rather than Federal or income) taxes.
But all I want to know is how do I teach somebody something.
3. Different people learn different ways. It's probably important for you to learn how you learn stuff. And it may be that an individual person learns different stuff in different ways. Like they might do better learning history from doing their own reading but better at math in a classroom. Or, you know, vice-versa.
Now here's a thing which I kinda wonder about. The military. They teach a lot of people a lot of stuff. They train people in all kinds of things. Heck, they have colleges and universities.
And, oddly, they're somewhat immune from the political whims of education fads.
And does it involve cats?
So my question is: what do they do?