Saturday, July 9, 2016

The News Lies about Hillary Lying (again)

So. This is funny.
As it turns out, Hillary Clinton did not lie about her emails.
She said they weren't marked "classified".
And that's true.
There were a handful had classified stuff in them, and had classification marks inside, but those marks were improperly in the body of the email, not in the header (which is where the classification marks belong). Note that these emails did not originate in Clinton's office.
You can quibble with what "marked" means: does it mean properly indicated in the header like regulations say they have to? Or stuffed in the body? 
But if "stuffed in the body" means "marked" it's sort of like saying "That package was marked 'Do Not Open 'Till Christmas!' when it was written on the inside of the wrapping.
Here Politifact gives her a "false" rating, however the addendum contradicts the rest of the article: