Sunday, December 17, 2017

Oh Look, A New Narrative from the Kremlin

Hey, remember when we were told that the Democratic Party was too focused on brown people and their "identity politics" to win a national election? 

Remember how it was time to reach out to white working-class voters instead?

Well things have changed. New orders have come in.

It looks like the Russian Federation has gotten a bit freaked by the election of Jones over Moore in Alabama. So their news, and their dupes and useful idiots in the West (like The Intercept), are working full-time to divide up the coalition which kept Moore out.

If you'll recall, back during our general election, the narrative that kept being pushed was that Bernie was the "people's" choice and the black women (who are a majority of the actual base of the Democratic Party in the United States) are irrelevant (because defacto their votes are worth less than those of rural, white, voters.1

That was then.

But now they lost Moore. So the new narrative being pushed is that "black women are being ignored by the Democratic Party." Which is true, but mightily rich coming from those sources. But the purpose of this new narrative is to divide the Democratic party. Before it was a matter of following the Bernie line of "Don't think in terms of identity politics, only care about the single abstract thing which matters to my white, educated base!" But now we're all about the identity politics because blacks and white liberals working together beat Moore.

So the new line is that the DNC only cares about white people. Not that it wasn't caring enough about them (which is how they lost the Electoral College.) Eastasia has always been our enemy, etc. 

And that, for both the Russian Federation, and their useful dupes and willing agents, simply will not do.

1. See the 3 million more votes that HRC received than DJT and yet still lost -- ).

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